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The backstory is that a little boy who grew up loving Halloween was driven to madness and murder after some pranksters tried to spoil his seasonal fun.Unknown horrors wait inside the 2,500sqft maze, just waiting for unsuspecting revelers like yourself to stop by.We’ve got a Halloween event for each and every one of you, and we’ll be adding more as details become available or as sold-out events (looking at you, Even if you haven’t been following along with The Tension Experience’s alternative reality game in which they slowly reveal the secrets of the mysterious O. Each guest will have to interact with dozens of actors, solve puzzles and make choices that will alter the path they take through this unsettling 2.5-hour experience.

You will follow a rope through a dark underworld, interacting with various characters and making decisions that affect the outcome of your story.

17th Door goes beyond the traditional haunted house with their story of Paula, a troubled college student who has basically every issue after-school PSAs cover.

If you're not cool with gross-out horror or potentially triggering subject matter (eating disorders, sexual assault, bullying, etc.), we'd avoid this one.

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